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QM Apartments

Located in Newtown on the corner of Drummond and Hanson Street, the site is close to the regional hospital, the Basin Reserve, numerous secondary and tertiary educational facilities and within walking distance of Wellington’s main entertainment area, Courtenay Place.

The project was conceived as 4 linked buildings, hence the name. This cruciform plan and a unique site bordered on three sides by streets facilitated the challenge of getting natural light and ventilation into all bedrooms and living areas. This basic amenity was the driving force behind the plan, form and apartment layout.

Colour is also celebrated with the use of blue LED lights in the entrance and corridors and lime green lift surrounds that create an ethereal glow to the interior in the twilight and at night.

Along Hanson Street the facade sets up a rhythm of solid and void with the tall proportioned “towers” and recessed balconies emphasised by strong vibrant ‘tower’ colours and recessive coloured balconies.

The apartment interiors benefit from the generous natural light levels and spectacular views of the hills and suburbs around Newtown provided by large windows to the north, east and west.

Unpretentious, bold and quirky are some of the adjectives gleaned from the public since completion.

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